Friday, 7 August 2009

The First Super Bowl

Super bowl location history is often fascinating for those individuals interested in super bowl and football trivia. In terms of first super bowl history facts, the very first super bowl game was played in the month of January on the 15th of the month. What year was the first Superbowl played? The very first Superbowl was played in the year of ‘67. The first super bowl played at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and was then named the AFL-NFL World Championship.
What other fun first super bowl history facts will football trivia fans appreciate? Amazingly, the very first super bowl tickets were relatively inexpensive by today’s standards: tickets for the first Superbowl game ranged from six to twelve dollars. Today, the tickets are far more than that – running right arounThe Superbowl was started when the National Football League and the American Football League decided to compete against each other. Now the NFL runs the Super bowl. Each year the two best football teams compete to win the Super bowl title. Every member of the winning team gets a SupIn terms of Super Bowl Team History, the two teams that played in the very first Superbowl were the NFL Green Bay Packers against the AFL Kansas City Chiefs. The Green Bay Packers won the game and the final score for the first Superbowl played was an astounding 35 to 10. Since that time, the Packers have gone on to win a total of three Super Bowls, the first, the second and the thirty-first respectively.erbowl ring. A trophy is also given to the winning team.d six to seven hundred dollars!


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