Friday, 7 August 2009

1958 Championship

The reason that this 1958 Championship NFL Game was so great was because of when it took place during the year. It was late winter and nationally aired, not only that but it was based in New York City. The Championship Game, NFL, was also the first game to go into sudden death overtime in history. New York’s media and advertising companies had a field day with this event. Back then, New York was the center of advertising throughout the entire USA, however, the TV industry was still in its fledgling stage.With the Championship Game NFL not only took off but so did the ratings. Networks then knew that forever will they have to keep airing any major sports event thanks to the “Greatest Football Game Ever Played.” Not only did the ratings shoot through the roof, but many people learned that they could sit in the comfort of their own home and watch a major event as it happened, needless to say the many sports enthusiasts had their jaws on the floor due to the intensity of the Championship Game NFL had so diligently brought to them


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